SMS Gateway


SMS Gateway

Through the VoiceHub SMS platform, VoiceHub offers an array of flexible messaging services – far exceeding the simple send and receive text messages.

The SMS gateway is backed by Amazon Cloud Infrastructure for high-availability and fault tolerance. With support for in excess of 10,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), the platform caters for the wholesale and bulk SMS termination market, while also offering the flexibility and features to suit the enterprise and SMB market. The gateway supports all industry standard SMS exchange protocols with uncomplicated access provided through one simple REST API.

Integrate directly through an SMPP bind or with our REST API, to send either bulk SMS, allow your customers to interact with a chatbot, send out a marketing campaign, support multi-factor authentication or send alerts automatically from your network or application.

Features of the SMS Gateway include but are not limited to:

  • Multiple interconnections (SMPP v3.4 including TLS support, HTTPS REST API)
  • 2-way SMS Traffic (Send / Receive)
  • Multipart, unicode, flash SMS, and schedule delivery are all supported
  • Full DLR support
  • Support for custom SMSCs (third party SMSC APIs)
  • Support of SMS modifiers: On-the-fly customisable modifications to processed SMS traffic Message Prioritisation, Retry, Filtering, and Throttling (SMS per second) to fit supplier capability
  • White labeled, multi-tier gateway partition capability
  • Billing management with pre-paid & post-paid support. Configurable rates per customer.
  • VPN connectivity supported



 Wholesale SMS

VoiceHub will enable a wholesale customer full access to all SMS Gateway features and functionality as a direct SMS service via the web portal, an SMPP bind or our high speed REST API.

Alternatively VoiceHub offers the SMS a service as an SMS ‘Gateway as a Service’ model, achieved through a multi-tier capable, white labeled partition of the gateway. By managing your own partition, a wholesale customer will have full access to the features and functionality of the gateway without the complexity of managing routing and supplier relationships. This allows independent management of connections, offered services and commercial arrangements for your customers or downstream resellers.



A2P Messaging

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging, is any kind of message sent from an application to a person. A2P messaging is commonly originated from applications such as account verifications, network or application monitoring, marketing campaigns and appointment reminders. It is important that all A2P messaging complies with the ACMA Spam obligations as outlined at

The VoiceHub SMS Gateway supports a system wide curfew preventing messages being sent which would break regulatory requirements in some countries. Messages sent during the curfew period will be queued and delivered at the end of the curfew period.


Inbound SMS

In association with our virtual number service, the VoiceHub SMS Gateway will deliver inbound SMS for hosted virtual mobile numbers.

Inbound SMS to hosted Mobile Subscriber Numbers (MSNs), in combination with any predefined keywords, will be delivered either through an existing SMPP bind, to an HTTP endpoint (REST API call), or to an email address. Control of inbound routing and the mechanism used to terminate the SMS is available to the customer through the SMS Gateway portal.


Two Way SMS

Two way SMS is used to inform, interact and communicate with customers. A common example is a SMS request to confirm an appointment with the response sent through to automatically update the CRM. Two way SMS can also be used to supply real time services or data to your customers – for example texting a keyword to obtain a short url to further data.

A feature of the SMS Gateway is upon SMS is delivered to a HTTP endpoint, any content in the body of the 200 OK response will be returned to the originator as a Mobile Terminating (MT) SMS. This greatly simplifies content delivery to the originator based on the sender (originator phone number) and keywords of the message.

The SMS Gateway also supports campaigns allowing customers to ‘opt-in’ to a service you may be providing. The opt-out mechanism is fully configurable per campaign allowing anti-spam obligations to be met. Campaigns, attached to an inbound number / keyword combination, allow you to communicate and interact with a subset of your customers in a concise and timely manner.


Bulk SMS

The SMPP protocol was designed to allow bulk SMS origination and termination. The VoiceHub SMPP implementation supports multiple binds per account allowing allowing transmit and receive binds to be separated for additional throughput. With support for SMPP v3.4 the SMS Gateway also allow binds in transceiver mode to be established. Download a copy of our SMPP API spec here for implementation details and code examples.

Bulk SMS can also be sent directly through the SMS Gateway portal or via the REST API. With volume discounts and a throughput of up to 10k TPS the VoiceHub SMS Gateway is capable to meet your bulk SMS termination requirements.



Integrate with the VoiceHub SMS Gateway through our simple REST API. This API exposes access to send and receive messages, check credit balances, receive DLRs, and updates to the status of sent messages. It is ideal for sending both bulk SMS messages and single messages. Check out our REST API documentation containing all the required information and code examples.

Develop in your favourite programming language and let the API do the hard work. Contact us to setup and account.