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What We Do

VoiceHub is an agile voice service provider focusing on the Australia & New Zealand markets. We provide far more than your traditional voice services with virtual numbers, sms messaging solutions, advanced IN capabilities and a quiver of tools giving you the flexibility so your voice business can flourish. Maintaining a voice focus and adhering to our values has enabled us to provide a level of service and flexibility often lost when interacting with traditional telco companies.

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With previous experience working for incumbent or tier 1 telco companies, we have often seen the customer experience and service compromised for the convenience of the supplier. At VoiceHub we are determined to abide by the values below to ensure we are different.

Integrity:  In every interaction we strive to act ethically, consistently and with fairness. We will do what we say. We seek the trust of our customers through honesty and transparency.

Customer Focus: We will be responsive and work tirelessly to ensure our customers have flexible quality products and the highest level of support. We will not go home while there is an outstanding fault.

Reliability:  We aim to demonstrate reliability and win customer confidence through the display of measurable competence in all facets of our business, from network design & operations to customer support.



Voicehub values are integrity, customer focus and reliability
Agile, efficient and reliable Voicehub services

Why Choose Us

We are an agile, efficient and reliable operator with more than 50 years experience in the local and international telecoms market.

VoiceHub provides the innovative and quality services you need, the agility in support, and adaptability in provisioning to help your business flourish.

Our switching infrastructure brings flexibility, from provisioning a new endpoint to changing how numbers are routed through to your network. Our network also boasts fully hosted phone system capabilities allowing real time ordering and provisioning of additional services.

VoiceHub offers the reliability of a large carrier, without the restrictions imposed by the baggage of legacy infrastructure. Maintaining a “voice focus”, we offer responsiveness in provisioning & support, unimpeded by bureaucracy, making VoiceHub the best choice for your business.



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