Microsoft Teams Voice Calling


Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft has developed, and is refining, the ‘Phone System’ feature within Microsoft Teams. With the appropriate license, this feature enables hosted PBX and call control capabilities within the Microsoft Teams environment. Implementing the Phone System feature will allow an organisation to replace their existing legacy PBX with advanced voice functionality and features delivered from within Office 365.

To facilitate calls into, and out of, the Phone System within your Microsoft tenant, two options are available:

  • Microsoft Calling Plans – This uses the incumbent Telco call routing. 
  • Direct Routing – This option allows the use of an independent telephony carrier for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity. This option is both commercially favourable and allows flexibility and control in the way Microsoft Teams voice traffic is handled. Microsoft certifies a select list of SBC providers to ensure a highly reliable telephony solution for your cloud-calling deployment. Further information can be found at

*Note that E1 or E3 licensed users will require an add-on Phone System license. The Phone System license is included in the E5 license.  

VoiceHub Offering

The VoiceHub Direct Routing solution relies on diverse Microsoft Certified SBCs, hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Via these diverse SBCs and managed capacity, VoiceHub is able to deliver calls into and out of your Teams Phone System with a guaranteed quality of service. This solution may be white-labeled via a generic domain allowing this solution to be resold into any customer tenant.

In addition, VoiceHub is able to offer a dedicated SBC resource for voice interconnection to Teams. This solution provides full flexibility with the SBCs customised to suit any requirement. An existing domain can be used within your tenant with minimal config within the Teams environment required.



  • Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Environment
  • Solution developed on Microsoft certified SBCs
  • Managed Access into the Azure environment from the VoiceHub network
  • Managed onward access to supplier and PSTN networks
  • Diversity through diverse Azure Regions
  • Full A-Z routing


Flexible Solution:

  • Provision of any Inbound numbers, either routed or ported, including virtual mobile numbers 13/18 and international access numbers
  • White-labeled via a generic domain
  • Dedicated SBC model – SBC dedicated for your use.*
  • Pricing
    • Bundled plans with minute inclusions
    • Pay for usage – channel and call cost based on A-Z
    • Split billing feed per tenant
    • Managed re-bill service if you do not own your own rating / billing system

* TLS certificate must be provided for the requested domain.

The configuration requirement within Microsoft Teams is minimal to implement direct routing within a customer tenant : addition of a defined domain and addition or modification of the voice routing policy.

Please contact VoiceHub for further details or to setup a trial.