Virtual Numbers provide the flexibility and capability to maintain ownership of numbers not directly linked to a service on your network. Virtual Numbers can be held on the VoiceHub network and either parked, diverted to another number (on or off-net) or to a voicemail box.

In addition to geographic Australian and New Zealand numbers, VocieHub offers Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers, which can be forwarded to your main mobile number or anywhere in the world. SMS sent to your Virtual Mobile Numbers can be delivered to your network through a variety of protocols from SMPP, HTTP or SMTP.

International Virtual Numbers are also supported through our partnerships with international providers.

Typical examples of Virtual Number use include:

  • Holding a business mobile number through high staff turnover
  • International dial in numbers to a conference bridge or service
  • Mobile CLI for outbound calling.
  • Hold your home number without a home landline

Virtual numbers can be allocated from our stocks or ported into the VoiceHub network.